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Back in 2006, my good friend Robin opened his first fan site for Sarah Michelle Gellar over at – which at the time was hosted by Right around the beginning of the following year, 2007, I joined Robin under my middle name Hannah to help out with all the updates (because back then, Sarah was incredibly busy in the industry and all over the place). I stepped out for a while later, and Robin ended up losing a ton of content in 2008 that he struggled with to restore. However, I came back to co-web with Robin in the fall of 2011 until its very end in late 2014. Robin signed off of fan sites once the hosting community of shut down, and I already had a ton of them on my hands to keep up with Sarah’s career at the time. I learned that the domain ended up being forwarded to another SMG fan site.

And that is the quick history of how I was involved back in the day in one of the most visited SMG fan sites in that particular time frame (2006-2014). Now I am back solo (four years later) with everything I learned and more to give this fan site another go. It will take time to build back what was once there, but with consistent updates, and Sarah now focusing on other things than acting – this relaunch seems like a good idea. I got my own domain + hosting provided to make this all possible, and I must say I am happy to be back!

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